Ginger for… slimming!

Flat stomach, mission impossible?

There are certainly many tips we could adopt to get us closer to our goals in terms of physical shape.

Whilst it is true that a balanced diet and regular physical activity are at the top of the list, it is also true that certain foods can act as “catalysers” in this process of getting back into shape.

Ginger is an invaluable ally in this mission. The root has the benefit of accelerating the metabolic processes, helping to burn fat, particularly around the abdomen.

Ginger helps with the digestion of macronutrients,such as carbohydrates and proteins, so that they do not remain too long in the intestinal tract, preventing the formation of intestinal gas that leads to abdominal bloating.

Lemon and ginger both stimulate the sensory receptors in the tongue and suppress appetite, helping the perception of a feeling of fullness.

Act Lemon Limone & Zenzero contains the correct balance of all the nutrients that are important in achieving your desired physical and aesthetic wellbeing.


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