Lemon for… training!

Our body is the house we will live in for the whole of our lives.

Nowadays the importance of taking care of our bodies is well known, along with the correlation between physical and mental health.

As well as the benefits for our physique, exercise makes us sweat and therefore eliminates the toxins inevitably accumulated by our bodies.

But remember: it is fundamentally important always to maintain the correct level of hydration during any sporting activities.

So what could be a simple habit to provide optimum hydration and make our training even more effective in terms of wellbeing?

It has to be adding lemon juice to the water we drink during or after training.

Lemon juice is an exceptional source of mineral salts, which are micronutrients essential to the correct functioning of our bodies. In particular, they help us with the production of energy, and also with muscle contractions..

In addition, lemon contains citric acid, which can neutralise lactic acid with an anti-fatigue and restorative action.

A single serving of Acti Lemon contains the correct dose of vitamins and mineral salts to consume when you train. Always remember to dilute it in the water bottle you take with you on your training days.



Acti Lemon was also the official sponsor of the Trentino Half Marathon.

The race, which winds through the evocative landscapes of Lake Garda, has grown and grown over the years, and has now broken through the barrier of 2,500 competitors. The route is very interesting both in technical terms and because of the scenery, with the result that the event has also been able to attract international athletes.

Acti Lemon supplied participants with a product sample – to dilute in water – so they could all benefit from good hydration and a drink rich in mineral salts during the race.

Acti Lemon is proud to support sport through an event like the Trentino Half Marathon, a beacon of inclusivity, local development and healthy competition.


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