Ginger for… strength!

If there was a superhero who derived their strength from a type of food, as Popeye did with his spinach all those years ago, nowadays they would get it from ginger!

People in Asia have known about its properties for centuries, but this knowledge has only recently spread to the West.

Ginger stimulates the immune system, helping to protect us from seasonal bugs.

In the case of colds, it supports the elimination of toxins and catarrh, contributing to a quick recovery, and its anti-inflammatory properties alleviate sore throats caused by laryngitis or pharyngitis.

It is regarded as natural painkiller, able to ease inflammatory pain as well as muscular, joint or menstrual pain.

It also acts as a gastroprotective agent, stimulating the production of mucin, a glycoprotein naturally present in our gastric barrier.

There are so many benefits, but incorporating the right quantity of ginger into your daily diet is not easy. This is howActi Lemon can help, with its single servings, which supply us with the ideal daily dose of ginger and lemon.


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