One Good Minute

Pure organic Lemon and Ginger juice

Acti Lemon is

Packaged in single servings

The right quantity for your daily needs.

Acti Lemon is


So you can always have it with you!

Acti Lemon is

100% Organic

Only fresh Sicilian lemons

Acti Lemon is


Free from preservatives, so you’ll find it in the chiller cabinet!

Acti Lemon is

Ready to use!

All you need to do is drink. Simple!

One Good Minute,

to get to know you (better)!

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One-minute reads

To find out more about the qualities of lemon juice and ginger, take a look at our One-minute reads, which tell you a little more about the properties and benefits you can enjoy by regularly including Acti Lemon in your diet.

One good minute

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You can find Acti Lemon
in the chiller cabinets of the best supermarkets*

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