Lemon for… smiles!

Fresh and sparkling, lemon is often associated with the idea of cleanliness. After drinking lemon juice we also feel this sensation of cleanliness in our mouths, but is our perception correct?

Thanks to its natural acidity, lemon juice fights the bacteria in the oral cavity that cause halitosis. Drinking water and lemon every morning, in combination with excellent oral hygiene, is a good habit if you want to preserve and maintain fresh breath throughout the day. Lemon is also a natural remedy for painful gums and, more generally, an excellent ally when it comes to looking after the tissues of the oral cavity.

And not least, we should also highlight its teeth-whitening capabilities. But remember: the citric acid in the lemon juice could erode tooth enamel. This is why we recommend diluting the lemon juice in plenty of water in order to lower the concentration of citric acid in the drink.

A serving of Acti Lemon contains the right quantity of lemon juice to dilute in a glass of water so that you can start your day with a smile!


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